Nov 7, 2008

Double Century

On Thursday I finally met the team I'm riding with in the Coronation Double Century on the 22nd of this month. It was good to meet the guys, although I actually know three of the team but it was good to meet the other five. We discussed strategy and agreed on our aim of finishing in about 7 hours. We were able to sort a few logistics and had a good laugh together. We're planning a final get together next week which will be a fun time as well as putting the finishing touches to our prep.

The race is 205k's (128 miles) from Swellendam with the first 62k's being uphill. the profile above shows just how big those 62k's are! More details about the route etc. can be seen here (or click map to left).

I'm really looking forward to this race, it will be the longest ride I've done to date

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