Apr 7, 2008

Here's One I Made Earlier..

Here's a selection of earlier post about my exploits on (and falling off) the bike which were posted over on my main Blog.

These posts cover almost 18 months of riding and back then I was very unfit and struggled to keep up with a few guys who were only average in ability. Thankfully things have changed since then and I've put in a lot of work to get to where I am and I know I'll have to put in a HUGE amount more to achieve my goal, but I'm looking forward to it!

10/03/08 Cape Argus

09/03/08 Argus

03/03/08 Boschendal MTB

02/02/08 Mountain Biking

29/01/08 Caracal

08/10/07 Lourensford Classic

24/09/07 Karoo to Coast

08/09/07 Hanskop

03/09/07 Stellenbosch Wes - Official Times

01/09/07 Stellenbosch Wes

21/08/07 Gravity Adventure Festival

14/08/07 MTB Race Photos

05/08/07 Stellenbosch Classic

28/05/07 Health & Fitness

15/05/07 Measles

05/05/07 Tru Cape

16/04/07 Health & Fitness

26/03/07 Looking Tired - Must Need A Holiday

12/03/07 Psychological Barrier

11/03/07 Cape Argus

28/02/07 The View From Here - Pt1

26/02/07 Getting Fit

15/02/07 Getting Fit - Mountain Biking

24/11/06 Mountain Biking

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