Mar 20, 2009

Face Plant Friday

After the Cape Epic I need to give some thought as to whether I continue blogging about mountainbiking or whether I leave it alone. I just don't know yet.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a new item for the next two Fridays at least entitled 'Face Plant Friday'. The nema is (or at least should be) self-explanatory, but if not the pictures will clue you in.

I take no credit for the photos which have been 'leased' or stolen from other websites.

One of the joys of mountainbiking is the seemingly never ending supply of fools prepared to sacrifice themselves for the utter amusement of others. Bless them all. But especially their friends who were there to capture the moment on film!

Whilst this one on the left isn't quite a faceplant, you just know from the angle of the bike, the back wheel being in the air and the front wheel jammed on a rock that this is all going to end horribly.


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