Feb 10, 2009

Velib' Freeride

As you'd expect from someone writing a Blog about cycling, I'm passionate about it in all its forms and truly believe that the bicycle is the way forward for the planet. So I was saddened to read the BBC article entitled: Thefts puncture Paris bike scheme which makes for tragic reading as the Velib' scheme is a cracking idea. Some pictures of the senseless destruction wrought upon these bikes can be seen on Le Parisien. One can only imagine what would happen if the scheme were started in London or here in South Africa.

Despite the sadness of such a great scheme being wrecked by the petty minded, the video below of these bikes being 'free-ridden' is quite amusing.

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1 comment:

tom4 said...


i'm the "freerider" who had the idea of this video (Go-ride sweatshirt on the video), and I jest wanted to let you know that no velib were damaged.
We are very carefull and experienced rider, and are not use to break other people toys :)