Mar 18, 2009

Oh Dear! We're On Fire Again

This summer has been a continual string of fires which have left the Hottentots Holland mountains completely scorched from Gordon's Bay (start of the Epic) right through to Jonkershoek which by all accounts is decimated. I've been lamenting the fires in the Helderberg for most of the summer on my main blog.  The fires have even gone over to the Grabouw side of the Hotties and left a lot of the area there scorched. Consequently much of our Epic riding will be across burnt land which will ruin the view in many places. The ash also makes the riding more difficult as it masks obstacles such as dips, rocks and roots.

To top it all off Table Mountain is on fire again! The Cape Epic organisers have released a statement: Fires on Table Mountain - Latest in which they say they have cancelled all prologue test rides on Thursday but are hopeful for Friday's test rides. The good news is that it has just started raining which should help. Hopefully the test rides and prologue will proceed without problems.

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