Mar 16, 2009

Race Countdown

It's all getting very close now! My bike came back from Helderberg Cycleworld after its pre-Epic service. Thankfully the only major item needed was a new chain. It looks like rotating two chains over the last 6 months has paid off as the drive train is still in very good shape. Unfortunately the cost was bumped up a bit as I needed to replace the rebound adjuster knob on the shock. My angelic 3 year old lost it for me which was helpful and expensive.

I'll ride with Petie and the gang on Wednesday morning for 2-3 hours and then again on Friday as we test the prologue route with a very gentle ride. Hopefully everything will be running sweetly on Wednesday and there will be no major adjustments to make.

We're planning on a final pre-Epic meeting on Wednesday evening when we'll finalise who's carrying what etc during the race. Thankfully being local and with the service package we don't need to arm ourselves with loads of spares which is a real blessing.

According to the Epic website there are only 4 days and 14hours to kick-off so it's all a little tense but very exciting now.

I guess most of us doing the Epic get asked the same question: "Are you ready?" to which I've taken to replying by saying "Well, it's too late now if I'm not!" There really isn't anything one can do now, the training is done, the taper is being enjoyed and Saturday is feared and eagerly anticipated in equal measure.

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