Mar 8, 2009

Cape Argus

So, it's 5.30am and my road bike is prepped for the Argus. I've got a good seeding to do my sub 3 hour and all is seemingly well. My MTB is also prepped for a ride this morning and I've wasted many an hour trying to decide which to do. Most folk have told me I'm stupid to do the Argus so close to the Epic, and whilst I agree and fully understand all the logic behind the advice, I still want to do it. I had even arranged an MTB ride with my partner for this morning to distract me from the Argus, but he bailed out late last night as they were robbed. Can't argue with that.

So what should I do?

The answer is really close at hand.......

There's a pumping Southeaster of about 40kph with gusts up to 50 or 60kph. There's no way I'm doing the Argus in that! I'm off to Jonkers to play on the singletrack.

How lazy am I!?!

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1 comment:

Roons said...

Sometimes best to put it out to the universe! Seems like it was not as clear as you wanted! That wind however would be the perfect sign not to ride! I do think that Argus this year will not be great! Hope you had a good ride on you MTB - chat later