Mar 19, 2009

Planning Meeting

We had our final Epic planning meeting last night and I now feel a bit calmer about the whole thing although the list of things to do keeps growing.

We now know exactly what we still need to get, who's carrying what etc. etc. So now the packing will start in earnest. All I've got to get today or tomorrow is a spare hanger for the rear derailleur and four pairs of MTB socks. It's all been ordered so there should be no problem.

Paul also got us our kit which looks great. Most days we'll be wearing the new First Ascent Peloton Jersey in Spice which we think looks great. Also, on the Sunday and the last day we will be wearing Helderberg Cycle World shirts as a free bit of advertising for Petie but also to thank him for his help and support. It will also be nice to wear a local shirt on a local ride.

As of now I have my socks, bit of a panic but not worth recounting the tale. Hopefully that hanger will be in today's post at Petie's...

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