Oct 6, 2008

Training Programme

Things are shaping up nicely as we begin our proper training program for the Epic. We're both using the Polar Training Programme which fits nicely into an Excel spreadsheet. The programme is over a 16 week period so we've tailored it to start and finish earlier than Polar recommend so that we can have a longer taper period at the end. We've managed to get hold of another training programme and are planning to use the taper period as it looks like a lot of fun.

In the midst of all this, I've just signed up for two more races. Firstly I'll be riding in the Akkedis MTB Challenge in Villiersdorp on the 25th of this month. I've also entered Die Burger Fiets-Toer which is a 98km road race. My main reason for entering this is that it's a seeding event for the Argus. I probably shouldn't enter the Argus next year because of the Epic, but I just can't say "no".

Whilst entering the Akkedis I was browsing their website and came across the following photos under their 'Team Africa' link. The photos were taken in Mozambique in 2006 and each tells a great story. It's all too easy to poke fun at these kind of photos but I don't want to here. Rather, as a cyclist I think it's worth celebrating these pictures. Living in a land where the car is king it's refreshing to see that in some cultures the humble bike still rules the roads. The caption on the web page says (in Afrikaans): 'n Fiets kan duidelik vir baie meer as net gewoon ry gebruik word! Which roughly translates as: a bicycle can be used for more than just a common ride! See more here.

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