Jan 3, 2009

Weekly Summary

This week has been one of my best on the bike for a while as I've done all my rides on my mountain bike. I really enjoy the road bike, but the mountain bike is really where the fun is!

This week was a load week on the Polar training programme and I was up for 15 hours of riding. I started with my usual 5 hour ride on Monday and rode from home to Jonkershoek, played on the single track (Canary path) and then rode home again. Tuesday was a 4 hour night-ride with Paul which was more or less the same as Monday except I didn't ride home (the lads twisted my arm to stay and have a beer). Today I rode with Paul and a few friends around Grabouw and up to Groenlandberg which is in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve . This was a great ride of 55k's and 1600m of climbing. The climb to the top of Groenlandberg was well worth it as we could see Simonstown on the Cape Peninsula and Hermanus along the East coast as well as a huge tract of farm land in-between. Much of what we rode this morning will be in the Epic this year and it's highly likely that Groenlandberg will also be in it. We plan to do plenty more riding in the area.

I'm actually 1hour and one minute short of my target this week but I'm not going to lose any sleep over that. The bottom line is I managed three quality rides, each with over 1000m of climbing.

Stats for (load) week:
Ride time: 13:59
Distance: 194km
Kcal's burnt: 10708
total ascent: 3735m

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1 comment:

Roons said...

Great week - reading where you are able to ride in the WC is a real bonus. I am down in CT for a wedding in Feb - I am so tempted to bring my bike down! Think my wife will have a baby! Got a big couple of weeks coming up - but just taking each week at a time! Enjoy the riding!