Jan 20, 2009

Not A Great Start!

The start of this week has been one I hope not to repeat - ever!

On Monday, I set off early for my usual 6 hour ride and all was going well until I got to Jonkershoek. The Southeaster had been blowing quite violently for a few days. Anyway, as I entered the park I was about to turn left when I heard a huge gust of wind and a strange noise so decided to go a different way. Just as I moved one of the big oak trees fell down right where I'd been.

A little while later on some single-track I was almost taken out by a bok who was running straight towards me at a phenomenal pace. I think he was a bit confused and didn't realise quite how fast I was going at the time. Thankfully he missed me.

Frustratingly this was all topped off 4½ hours into the ride when the hanger ripped off leaving me in a bit of a pickle (the gear set-up on this test rig has never been right). I managed to make the bike into a single speed with the aim of completing my ride but this only lasted for about 30 minutes before the whole gear setup jammed. Thankfully Paul (my Epic partner) came and picked me up and took the bike to the shop.

I got the bike back on Tuesday ready for my usual night-ride with Paul, but after 1½ hours the derailleur cage got caught in the back wheel and was ripped in two (see photo). Thankfully the wife came to the rescue and got me home.

Hopefully the rest of the week will improve, although I'm not sure how as I'm supposed to be riding in the morning but am without bike.

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1 comment:

Roons said...

First things first - Glad to hear that you are on your bike already! You must have done some serious healing!

Wow what a week! It is amazing how these things are sent to test you! I always say - at least they happened now and not during the Epic. It does sound like it was due to go from the start!

I am 9 hours down into the week today - going for 7hrs hopefully tomorrow and then a slow easy 1,5-2hr with the family on Sunday - so should end up a good week.

Hope this is the last of your post of mechanical injury. I purchased all my spares for the Epic this week - 3,5k later!

Enjoy the riding!