Jan 1, 2009

78 Days, 19 Hours

The Cape Epic is this year. That is quite a scary thought. For so long we've spoken of the 2009 Epic as being 'next year' and now we find ourselves in 2009. Scary but very exciting!

This week has been a real pleasure for me as it began with my usual 5 hour ride early on Monday morning but this week I decided to do it on my mountain bike. Needless to say I had a complete blast as I rode cross country to Jonkershoek and back. The ride was also the closest I've come to a full Epic day so far and I'm beginning to see that it is do-able. On Tuesday Paul and I did a night ride which was a bit longer for me as I rode from home to the start. This ride was just short of 5 hours and by the end of it I was still feeling very strong which was encouraging.

As I said below, I don't do New Year's resolutions but I am planning to do a whole lot more on my MTB and a whole lot less on the road bike.

As I'm writing this the countdown clock on the Epic website says there are 78 Days & 19 Hours until the start. Bring on the Epic!

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