Aug 25, 2008

Silent Nights

The absence of posts has been for two reasons; firstly, I was in the UK for seven weeks and only returned home (yes SA is now home!) on the 31st of July. Secondly, I've been waiting on three friends to make their minds up as to whether or not any of them could afford to do the Epic next year. Regarding the Epic, I'll unveil my official partner early next week at the latest. So, seven weeks in Blighty is quite enough for anyone but especially when it entails an enforced period of non-riding. I had a plan to get a cheap mountain bike but that plan fell through. I then made a few other attempts to acquire a cheap (but reasonably well spec'ed) bike but I think on reflection that my standards were simply too high and so I had to endure the full seven weeks without a single ride.

The good news is that since returning, I've been on the bikes three times a week and very quickly got back to a decent level of fitness. I'm still not quite 100% fit but not far off now.

More good news.. I'm really enjoying riding with my recently acquired Polar S725X and am amazed by the plethora of information it offers. Also, the Polar Pro-Trainer 5 software is a great tool for analysing all the data. The profile is of last Thursday's early morning ride in Grabouw with Petie and gang from Helderberg Cycle World. This is just one of many cool features in the Polar software.

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