Nov 25, 2008

DC Photos

Here are a few photos of the Wannabee Better team during the Double Century on Saturday.

I think they capture the event, the weather etc. really well.

We all had a lot of fun and as I said earlier, the guys were very gracious in their patience with me, especially in how they helped me up the last three hills.

Anton summed the event up as follows:

Firstly just a huge thank to Archie and Ina who made the stops stress free, full of encouragement and providing us with all the help we needed and more. We cannot sing your praises enough.

To the team, you guys were awesome. Thanks for putting up with me and allowing me to ensure that we finished as we started, we may have been battered down to 8 starters but boy we were not going let that get the better of us.
To my fellow captains Smiley (Ave heart rate 116 over the 211km's - unbelievable) and Petie, thanks for your guidance before and during the ride. Your experience and good natured approach was the key to ensuring that we all finished, which we thank you for.
To Fred for his kinds words through prayer before we started and his unfailing enthusiasm during the ride is a lesson to us all.
To Sholto who ensured that some of us got there and back safe and sound, for stopping to allow me to get rid of some of the food and liquid intake on the way home (but that's another story) Never waivered or faltered on the ride.
To Dean who rode his 1st DC and probably not his last, for never giving up. Working through the tough times and finishing stronger than most.
To Schalk, what can I say, you are an animal. Never complained and although could have finished in +- 6hrs, stayed to the end to assist us in getting home.
To Alistair, for ensuring that we had the required sustenance the night before and being a true gentleman till the end.

Enjoy the pictures...

Our first break was at the top of the Op De Tradouw pass about 62k's into the ride

Ina was a star! Can't recommend a mothering touch enough on this kind of jaunt

Anton on the left with me just behind him. Sholto is on the right

Riding in formation on the approach to Suurbrak

A real team effort!

Sholto & Smiley

Ina, a very welcome sight!!

Looking back ... probably for me

Crossing the finish line in 7:47

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Roons said...

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