Sep 22, 2008

Karoo To Coast

That was a complete disaster!

All was going well and I was particularly pleased that on 13ks I'd caught up with a friend in the first start group (Iwas in the second) and by 20ks had passed loads of the first group. On seeing the sign for 75ks to go I was feeling really good, everything was going to plan and I was on for a good time (aiming for 4:15 - 4:20) then suddenly my back tyre burst. The gash looked like someone had slashed it with a knife. Initially I tried to put a tube in but the lever from my tool broke - great! So I rode on the rim for a while until the hill and pushed it for about 10ks (I even passed some cyclists as I was walking!). At one point I saw a lad with bike and offered him R100 for one of his tyres, but as he agreed I realised he was on 24" wheels so that wouldn't work. I got to the 34k mark and my front tyre also blew so that was game over! Thankfully I was by a first aid post so they flagged down a passing car and I got a lift to Knysna. Just to top the day off nicely, my top tube got really badly scratched on the bike rack, so I was not happy!

I wasn't planning to do this race again after this year, but now I've got to do it again.

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