Mar 8, 2009

Crappy Morning

Having decided not to do the Argus, I set off for my MTB ride full of expectation of the fun I was intending to have on the single track in Jonkershoek. Time was a bit of an issue so I parked in Paradyskloof (normally I would ride from Steynsrust bridge) which would allow me more time in Jonkers. The first bit of the ride was fine until I got to the gate of Jonkers and was quite shocked to see how many fire fighters there were with their trucks and equipment. Jonkers was closed due to some serious fires which have been raging since Wed.

According to one of the fire crew, everything we hold dear in Jonkers has been destroyed by the fires. Hopefully he was exaggerating but I can't think why he would be.

So having ridden a mere 15k's to Jonkers I had no option to return whence I came.

All the way back I was cursing not having ridden the Argus, but even that would have been a bit crappy in the gale force winds.

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