May 23, 2008

Very Happy!

The title of this post says it all! My local bike shop agreed straight away that the frame would have to be replaced and the Mongoose agent worked hard to get a replacement frame as quickly as possible. So having returned my bike to the shop on Monday, I walked away on Thursday with a brand new frame with all my old kit bolted onto it. Click here to see why it needed replacing and the original spec' for my bike can be seen here.

Having ridden the previous frame quite hard for almost a year leaving it heavily scratched and with a few significant dents in it, I now have a gleaming bike sans scratches & dents.

Mongoose also replaced the saddle under warranty which I'm really happy about. I had originally replaced the original broken saddle with a Fizik Gobi XM which is a great saddle and very comfortable, but to be honest the Kore I-Beam Enduro is the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden on!!

My only complaint about the Kore saddle is the way it bolts onto the Kore I-Beam Seat Post. The seat post is specific to the Kore saddle and if/when the saddle breaks (because the beam which runs along the centre underneath is nylon) the seatpost, which is also carbon fibre and thus expensive, is rendered useless. Having said that I noted on the Kore website that they now sell a rail adapter which I should try and get hold off ASAP.

Anyway, I'm very happy!

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