Dec 20, 2008

Weekly Summary

There didn't seem to be much point in posting a weekly summary last week as I was participating in the research study at Stellenbosch Uni' (see here). I was supposed to have done the 100k time trial but unfortunately the computer crashed so it didn't happen. Besides that I only managed two rides totaling just over 6 hours. Had I done the time trial I would have been slightly over my hours required but never mind.

This week has been back to normal, ie; following the training plan properly which is a first since the Double Century over three weeks ago! I'm not far from peaking (hours wise) on the training program and I must admit that it's quite tough fitting all the required hours in. This week has consisted of four early mornings starting riding just before 5am. I'm also doing more back to back rides which should help with the actual event. I've also managed three rides with my Epic partner which is great. So here's how my week panned out:

Stats for the week:
Ride time: 15:35
Distance: 377km
Kcal's burnt: 10114

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