Nov 1, 2008

Weekly Summary

I've had another great week on the bikes. My schedule is working well and the split between two MTB rides and two road rides is highly enjoyable, as well as being very productive. As the picture shows (a summary of the last four weeks), I rode for 15hours & 10 minutes, covered a tad under 290k's and almost burnt 10000kcals.

I started the week at 5am on Monday with a slow ride to Kleinmond (124k's) keeping the heart rate below 70% (I plan to make this a regular ride). My two MTB rides are a bit hopeless from the heart rate point of view, but they're great fun and a good way to keep the power and climbing skills honed. My final ride of the week is a road ride on Saturdays and this morning I joined some of the Wannabee crowd on a pleasant ride to Rooiels and back.

I still need to try and increase the amount of time I spend in the blue & green zones, but all in all I'm very happy with my riding at present.

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