Oct 29, 2008

Let Me Introduce You..

Thought I'd introduce you to the last bike in my 'stable'. This really is a bottom-end cheapy, but it's a workhorse so doesn't need to be anything fancy. The bike is a Giant Boulder and the only change to the original spec' is a pair of Ryder SPD pedals. However, the really fun bit is the Raleigh trail-a-bike (see here & here for info) at the back. Getting the whole thing to work has been a mission. I've just had a shim made for the seat post clamp and then needed new bolts for it. However, the thread is imperial so hard to come by out here. Thankfully after much to-ing and fro-ing, a local bike shop came up trumps.

My boys love riding to and being picked up from school on this. I use a 5led flashing rear light and a reflective arm to help traffic steer clear. I'm also trying to get a flag for it. The locals love seeing me and one of the boys on it. Traffic often slows down (invariably to gawp) past us and we're often given way to at junctions. The boys love greeting people as they ride past and ringing the bell.

The trip to school is only 4k's there and back but we have to go up a fairly steep (but short) hill. I enjoy this as the trail-a-bike weighs 20kg's and with the kids weighing around the same it makes for good training.

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