Feb 6, 2009

Weekly Summary

This week is my biggest week of training with 21hours being the goal. Suffice to say I rode the hours and am just a bit tired now! This week was a bit unusual in that I was at Stellenbosch Uni' again on Tuesday morning and did the 100k time trial for Christa. This involved strapping my road bike onto the spinner which is hooked up to a computer which measures power output etc. Having done 7 hours on Monday morning and then 3 hours on Tuesday's night ride I was fairly exhausted by Wednesday morning. However, I managed to drag myself out of bed and joined Petie (owner of Helderberg Cycle World) for the usual Wed' morning ride, but I bailed out after 3 hours. At the time it felt like the right/easy thing to do but I do regret it now.

This week has involved one 3:30am start, two 4:30am starts, one 5:30am start and a night ride which finished at 10pm. I'm beginning to realise that the really epic thing about the Cape Epic is the commitment and dedication required to train for it.

My last ride of the week was this morning, yet another 4:30am start! Once again I rode over to Jonkershoek, but my route was severely disrupted by the numerous fires in the Jonkers' mountains, but it made for a nice bit of variety. Sadly, two young lads were apparently trying to get a braai (BBQ) started and somehow managed to burn down a HUGE chunk of Stellenbosch's glorious mountains. Despite the behaviour of two prats, I and many others were still able to ride in Jonkers' where the fire crews are doing an incredible job of containing the fires. After feeling exhausted on Wed' I felt really strong today which goes to show how important it is to recover well. Next week is a recovery week and I will be taking it very seriously, making sure that I'm well rested for the following week.

Stats for (overload) week:
Ride time: 21:59 (target: 21:00)
Distance: 369km
Kcal's burnt: 14423
Total ascent: 4460m

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