Oct 19, 2008

Weekly Summary

This week has been one of the most satisfying I've had on the bike for a long time. I rode four times -as can be seen in the picture) and covered a total distance of 286.5k's, burnt 7613 Kcal's and spent 12hours, 26 minutes on the bike. I still need to try and get more of my riding into the blue zone which won't always be easy especially as a normal week would include two MTB rides (scarily, this week was a lot of fun and I didn't spend any time on the mountain bike). However, if I can put a few more weeks together like this one then the base fitness will be excellent. The other great thing about this kind of riding at this stage is that this is all before the start of our formal Epic training programme, so hopefully that will put me ahead of the game.

My regular riding programme is now underway with rides on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday evening and Thursday morning are MTB rides. Thursday is definitely my 'fun' day when I ride for pure pleasure and don't worry too much about the heart rate. Tuesday is an hour and a half of singletrack followed by a nightride. This is the main ride I get to do with Paul so we try to keep it 'low & slow'. Monday & Saturday are road rides which are perfect for getting the distance in and keeping the heart rate down, as well as working on technical stuff like cadence and pedal stroke.

Also, summer is just about here now and things are warming up and the mornings are getting lighter. This is great for getting an early start which leaves the rest of the day clear for family and work.

I had managed to get myself into a team for the Coronation Double Century but have had to drop out as I can't commit to training rides on Sundays. However, I have another possibility and hope to hear early this week whether or not I'm in. I've had to be clear that the training rides must not be Sundays. Hopefully it will work out and I'll get to ride it.

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