Jan 16, 2009

Weekly Summary

This week was supposed to have been a recovery week of 13hours on the Polar programme but has turned into a bit of a disastrous week. I had planned on taking this week as a partial week off meaning that I would only ride between 6 - 8 hours but in the end that decision was taken from me.

On Monday I slept through the alarm so missed my ride which wasn't a great start as I knew I wouldn't have many other chances to ride. Then on Tuesday whilst in Montagu I twisted my ankle quite badly. Thankfully there were no broken bones but I'm in a lot of pain! The photo doesn't really do the bruising any justice but it does capture the swelling quite nicely. Like an idiot I decided it would be fun to have a go on a zip line (aerial runway) and for about 30 seconds it was quite exhilarating. Sadly however, I hadn't reckoned on how fast the thing would go or how I would stop. In the process of putting a foot down to slow things down I watched (in what felt like slow-motion) as my big toe was dragged under my foot followed by the rest of it. My foot appeared to twist through 180° and I was left in a heap on the floor unable to move. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

I guess I should use this as a wake-up call and stop doing anything that might negatively impact my training for the Epic or my ability to ride the event. Hopefully I'll be back on the bike next week as I have a few big weeks coming up now.

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1 comment:

Roons said...

WOW - that is not good at all! Really sorry to hear about this. 'Luckily', it was in a quiet week otherwise it may have set you back further. Lot of ice and rest is the best recovery tactic - and do not get on your bike too soon - otherwise it could put you out for longer.

Hope you feel better and are back on the bike soon - and stop being a silly bugger and doing daft things!

Will watch to see how things progress! Take it Easy!