Feb 8, 2009

Optimal Recovery = Optimal Performance

This coming week I'll be atStellenbosch University again helping Christa with her study on: "The effects of cold and neutral water immersion on the recovery of competitive cyclists after high intensity training."

The image shows what is involved as well as giving an indication of the time commitment. I did the preliminary stuff on Tuesday morning between 4 and 7.30am and will be there again for Mon', Tue' & Wed' at the same times (I think Paula will make me sleep downstairs for those three days). The 100k time trial is incredibly boring and now I have to do two more maintaining a minimum heart rate and power output. I think it's going to hurt. I know the VO2max test will as you have to pedal yourself to the point of exhaustion. Utter madness!

The real benefit to myself and other cyclists is the VO2max test results as these can really help with planning your training programme to ensure you're working smarter not harder.

Hopefully the final analysis of the study will also be of benefit for those training for the likes of the Cape Epic, as we know it's not really about how well you train but how well you recover between training episodes.

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Roons said...

Thanks for your very kind offer to loan me a bike. Tried to call a couple of times over the weekend but without luck. I did a 2,5hr run yesterday (in that heat) which is not recommended!
Hopefully next time we can hook up for a ride. Thanks again for your kind offer! Have a good week Cheers Dave