Apr 12, 2008

Weekly Summary

This week has been a bit frustrating on the bike as my regular crowd are either getting over the Cape Epic or are simply struggling for time and therefore unable to ride. However, I've managed a couple of rides with Dawid (a friend from church) who is just trying out the sport. It's been fun spending time with him and great to do a couple of rides where I've kept my heart rate right down.

So I've managed three shorter rides this week, riding on Wed, Thur and Sat all being early morning rides (starting some time between 6 & 7am). Thursday's ride was with the local bike shop, that said there were only three of us this week but we had a great ride with lots of climbing around Helshoogte and a quick trespass into a vineyard and more climbing. We finished in Eden with some great climbing, downhills and single-track which is always great fun! The other two rides were on the railway servitude track on Sir Lowry's Pass.

The weeks stats:
Ride time: 6:20
Kcal: 4215
Distance: 78.7
HR Zones: Light - 2:26, Moderate - 2:07, Hard - 1:33

I really need to do a few longer rides before the Krakadouw 80K on 17th May!

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