Apr 26, 2008

Weekly Summary

This week was an improvement on last week in that I actually got to do a few rides and will be riding in the Petzl Adventure Night in Jonkershoek. I'm struggling to find guys to ride with and things are not likely to improve with the onset of winter. My friend Paul who I used to ride with regularly has become an honest man and got a job and most others simply can't be flexible in their working hours.

One thing I am glad off at the moment is the Eskom load shedding as it means that I can ride with Pete on Wednesdays between 10 & 12.30 whilst the power is off. We must be some of the few people grateful for the power cuts!

The weeks stats:
Ride time: 5:32
Kcal: 4069
Distance: 82.4
HR Zones: Light - 1:45, Moderate - 2:35, Hard - 1:03

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